Friday, April 15, 2016

ClearView CRM comes to Android

iPhone users shouldn't get all the ClearView CRM Mobile benefits, should they? We think not. That's why the mobile app is now available for your Android smartphone.

As with the iOS version, ClearView CRM Mobile for Android is free for ClearView users in the cloud. Just visit the Google Play store for your download. 

If you're an Android device owner and had the chance to view the SofTrek's special webinar on Mobile for iOS, you should know that using the app on Android is a nearly identical process. If you didn't see the webinar, you can view it for free at your convenience.  

If you're a frontline fundraiser, in many respects ClearView CRM Mobile makes your PC or laptop obsolete. Remember, below is a high-level view of everything you can do in Mobile:

  • Work with your prospects. You can create and track opportunities, capture meeting notes with your phone's voice-text tools and prep for meetings.
  • Stay connected with your key donors. You can make calls or email from right in the app, update donor data when you learn new info, and import that info to your device contacts file.
  • Quickly handle tasks like creating and tracking actions to take, sending notifications to colleagues, and capturing and connecting pictures to donor files.
If your nonprofit uses ClearView CRM in the cloud, you can go mobile. Ask your organization's ClearView administrator to configure your system. Once the configuration is complete,  visit Google Play, download, and you're ready for the road.

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